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Norbert Scheel/ Germany
"My first FRS QSL card dates back to February 21st 1982. I think this one is my first one although I'm not 100% certain.FRS Logbook July24th1983_50 Fact is all other QSLs are from later Grundig Satellite 210Grundig Satellite 2100dates (May & Nov. 1982 etc.). Strange to me is that this February 82 QSL only shows a 10 minute reception (12:30-12:40 GMT). It handles the original FRS 10W 7315 tx in that wooden trunk. I remember at that time I used to tune in with a Grundig Satellit 210 receiver with an inbuilt long telescopic aerial. That one served me till late 1983. My next receiver was a Grundig Satellite 2100. Nowadays it wouldn't be possible to receive a 10W tx at my QTH with a sinpo of 34333 (like it was in Febr. 82). My 2nd QSL shows I heard the entire May 1982 broadcast (08:03-12:04 GMT) on 7325 kHz.The raid in January 1983 was a big shock. I can recall a lengthy article in the Dutch Free Radio magazine prior to the raid and have also asked myself whether there was somehow a connection...I was happy knowing FRS found a way to move on via relays referring at my QSL from July 24th 1983 via the famous Delmare 6206 QRG (that was FRS' first ever relay via Delmare-PV). And after all those many, many years I'm still tuning in to FRS-Holland!

QSL NorbertScheel_21-02-1982_50



Albert E. Ford/ UK
My main period of radio-listening after such as Luxy 208, R.N.I., Veronica, Caroline etc. and as a hobby, SWL, DXing, whatever was really from about 1970 through to 1995 with my most serious involvement being from 1983 to 1995 (using a Grundig Satatellite 3400 as my receiver at my then listening-post (QTH) down in Devon, in the SW of England. Music radio, Free Radio and the International SW broadcasters etc., all interested me with a heavy leaning towards the Free Radio scene. It was back somewhere in 1983/1984 that I really started writing/ reporting to stations in earnest. The FRSH being one of many with my first letter (I believe) being dated 18 November 1985.

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