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Michel Morisse/ France  
I am listening to free radio stations on SW since 1977. I received the Free Radio Service Holland for the first time on the 21st of June 1981, on 7316 kHz. I was impressed by the very professionnal sound, compared to other Dutch stations. In January 1983 I was very sad to know that the Free Radio Service Holland was raided. In 2004, I was a great pleasure to listen to the station on 9290, transmitting with 100 kW from Latvia. And nowadays the Free Radio Service Holland is still on the air, for the pleasure of all listeners. Many thanks Peter, and all at the FRSH. Long life to the Free Radio Service Holland. Michel Morisse from the south west of France.

Gianluigi Nadali/ Italy        
Hi friends of FRS, I think to have listened to FRS-Holland for the first time during the month of November 2007. My first FRS QSL is from 27th December 2009. I like the programmes: 'FRS goes DX' and of course the great" music of FRS. My best wishes for FRS and congratulations for all those many, many years on SW, not many free radio have reached this target. Gianluigi from Italy.

Achim Br├╝ckner/ Germany    
I first came accross FRSH somewhere in 1988 and remember the long and well edited programmes. Remember well the 10 years Anniversary in 1990 which gave a review of 10 years FRSH with special productions of old tapes. Enjoyed all these DJs with the nice jingles and real programmes not only playing music on and on. Music on and on became more usual in the years 2000 beyond in pirate radio world. Thanks for making it possible for me taking part in your FRS Memorie

Gernot Kramer/ Germany
I started listening to shortwave in the end of the 1970s. Around 1978 or so. First I was listening to the international services. By accident I discovered the 48m-pirate-band on a Sunday morning (I guess it was a show of Radio Nolan International). I was fascinated that there were people doing their own programme in a way, different from the "offical" radio stations. OK, I was living in a part of Germany where AFN made a strong signal on FM and we also were in the target area of SWF 3 at that time probably the most progressive official station within Germany with some really good programmes. The music was always secondary to me. Even at that time I could get it in a better quality on FM. I was fascinated by the close link between the listeners and the station operators of the free radio stations. That was something really new. I was listening to FRSH from the very beginning. In my logbook is an entry for the transmission in August 1980 on 6250 kc/s (SINPO 32322). Couldn't clearly identify the station at that transmission. Conditions were better in September 1980 and I got my first QSL from FRSH for the September transmission. The station soon became my favourite (others were European Music Radio, Radio East Coast Commercial and Britain Radio International) and the third Sunday in the month was a fixed date in my schedule for the next years. FRS goes DX and the International Listeners Letters Show were my favourite shows these days.QSL GernotKramer_28-09-1980
I kept on listening to pirate stations up until the mid 1990s. For a period of time in the early 90s I run a free radio column in the magazine of a major shortwave club in Germany. Listening to free radio stations over the years became more and more uninteresting to me because less stations operated on a regular basis and the overwhelming number of stations reduced its format to non-stop music interrupted by identifications. Also QSO-stations became more and more poplular. Around that time I also got a hamradio license and concentrated on VHF and UHF hamradio activities.
Independent Radio got my attention again when the webradio-stations became popular after 2000. I guess radio (official and non-official) via the airwaves has had its best days. The people nowadays want to listen independent from transmitting times. In this I am not different. I look for interesting programmes among the webstations (official and independent), record them (or use podcasts) with special software and transfer them to the smartphone to listen to them whenever I like (f.e. in the train when I am on the way to my workplace).

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