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Claess Olsson/ Sweden 
Hi FRSH, looking through my QSLs, I can see my first contact with your station and the first time I heard you, I believe, is July 20th1986 and that is nearly as long as you have been on the air. During the years that has passed by, I have written a report now and then and always received a kind answer and a lot a FR_news. I’m the editor of a column for news in a Swedish Magazine, (the only) EterAktuellt for DXers here in Sweden so all news I receive is good news for me. My problem now is, and has been for the latest 20 years or so that I only can listen in the summertime, out at my summerhouse. Here in my flat in the city, there is nowadays to much interference from all electronic equipments in my in my neighbours flats.. I live there for 3 month every year, and I have tried to hear you from there, but no luck so far. Every winter I give it another serious try and I also promise that I will let you know if I hear you. Please say “Hello” to all my DXing friends in Sweden and all over Europe and good luck with your station for the next years to come. Claes Olsson/ Sweden.

Joachim Trosch/ Germany    
What were my "special moments" with FRSH? I think the more I think about this, the answer is in the early days and years and my admiration for the continuity of FRSH in the free radio scene on short wave. I am now 60+ and knowing FRSH has already completed 36+ years, it is a simple calculation that FRSH existed for more than half of my life span! The 70s, with offshore radio in Holland and such short wave radio pioneers as World Music Radio, ABC Europe or Radio Gemini, only to mention a few from my memory, were a fascinating time as were the 80s when FRSH could be heard regularly and when I did not miss any Sunday to tune in to the 48 meter band which in those days was the main source to receive landbased free radio.Braun receiver T1000CD 2
Only later did the 41 & 31 mb come up. In those days I listened each and every Sunday with my legendary Braun T1000CD and I had an enormous pleasure to write reception reports to various stations, including FRSH. I was even able to receive medium wave stations from the USA & Canada. I honestly do not remember when I received my first ever QSL card from FRSH but what I certainly remember is the pleasure I had not only writing reception reports but really enjoying the high standard of the programmes which right from the start of FRSH had a good balance between information for radio enthusiasts and quality music. I remember that in those days in the 80s, 'FRS goes DX' challenged me to try to receive many of the stations which were mentioned. Oh yes, now that I think about it, one ‘special moment’with FRSH comes to my mind though it was a sad one for all of us: the time when Joop ter Zee so suddenly passed away and left behind me and thousands of other sad listeners within the FRSH audience. The high quality show which was made in memory of Joop ter Zee comes to my mind as I remember him. Happy memories!

Radio Borderhunter/ The Netherlands
Omdat ik zelf ook al jarenlang met het maken van radio bezig ben, is het mij bekend hoeveel tijd het kost om een programma zoals FRSH brengt te maken. Ontzettend veel "onzichtbare" uren zitten in dergelijke programma's. Ups and downs zullen er zeker geweest zijn in de afgelopen meer dan 30 jaar. In diei periode zijn vele collega free radio stations ook begonnen met het uitzenden van programma's. De meeste stations zijn inmiddels slechts verleden tijd. FRSH heeft de kracht gehad om jaar in jaar uit diverse programma's te maken. Dat is dan ook zeker een felicitatie en hulde waard. En wat zeker het vermelden waard is, er zijn ook luisteraars die de afgelopen 30+ jaar jullie beluisterd hebben! Ik wens jullie nog veel plezier toe met de uitzendingen in de toekomst!

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