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Thorsten Brandenburg/ Germany
Dear Peter… It was a great time to follow you all through the years from 1981 (when I received the FRSH for the very first time!) until today. I remember all the great program hours with you and all the others (especially Joop ter Zee, who died much too early!). I hope there will be many more years with the FRSH and the professional programs! Have a good time, stay healthy and keep on FFFR! Your listener from Munich,Thorsten Brandenburg.
Oscar Schmitt/ Germany
May I express my gratitude to all of the staff of FRSH for 30 years SW radio. Happy Birthday! Indeed I can hardly find words to tell you how I feel about FRS. Warm & cold...May 19th 1991 I heard FRS for the first time and in the mean time I have collected several QSLs. While I am writing these words I have all QSLs in fron t of me together with the FRS Newsletter edition 27 from September 2000. In Memory of Joop ter Zee. I have not forgotten him. I like your station very much. The Free Radio Service Holland is my station and one of the best free radio services I know. Let me once again say Happy, happy Birthday.

Klaus Fuehrlich/ Germany (RIP)
I listened in 1981 for the first time and I was glad, that an answer from your side arrived all the times. In the former GDR it was not so easy to have contacts over a long period to "radio stations" outside in Western Europe. In the politics of East and West, of Cold War every Western station was an agent against socialism and a listener was against the state. I`m lucky, that today I have all possiblities to go outside and to listen radio stations all over the world. A pity only, that I never have seen an offshore radio station in action. We loved the programmes from RNI, Caroline and Veronica and listened whenever we had time for it. By the way: I remember that FRSH was simultaneously broadcasting on two different frequencies and so I used two radios. In Summer I even listened while I had my recreation in a swimming pool. I used the nearby bushes and to install my long wire antenna leaving some fellow swimmers in a state of confusion and azement. On my first QSL Peter Verbruggen wrote: “Keep on writing Klaus” and that’s what I have done eversince. I made a look in my "DX_archiv" and I found a handwritten letter from Peter dated September 3th 1980. It was a contact with the FRS-Holland, which I can now say : long time ago. In the 1980s the FRSH was on every 4th and later 3rd Sunday on the month on 6250 kHz & a second QRG in the 41 mb being 7315. I listened as much as possible whenever I had time
to tune in. Most of my reception reports I sent in with the help of a Dutch friend: I sent my letters to him and he forwarded it to you. But not every reply from your side reached me here in the former GDR. I very much disliked that situation. I never saw a radio ship, an offshore station in action. All the years we were uning to the pxs of RNI, Caroline and Veronica. Since 1990 I stayed often in the Netherlands, at the location of the old Dutch friend, or at the "Borderhunter summermeeting".All the best, Peter and good luck for the next years of FRSH, best 73, fffr, Klaus.

Fritz-Walter Adam/ Germany       
I have looked in my QSL collection trying to figure out when I received my first QSL verification. That was for the 24th May 1981 transmission on 7315 kHz. Can’t believe how fast time flies...
Tristan Nolle/ UK    
The CDs “10 Years in the life of the FRSH”was a very good story, both interesting & informative. I think FRS has the best format with that mix of radio news and music. For me, only music on SW is just not enough.Thanks a lot and till we meet again it’s goodbye.

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