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In this article a diverse collection of memories from a number of listeners. Listeners from several countries...listeners who in some cases already listened to the station right from the beginning. Others followed later, in the 80s, 90s or even 00s. Just the fact that it all concerns personal  memories it gives a varied picture from the listener's viewpoint. We know there are many more faithful FRS listeners out there who certainly have some font memories. We invite all of you to send your personal contribution to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in The Netherlands. Alternatively you can surf to our contact page on this site. Any contribution is highly appreciated.

Stefan Printz- Sweden        
Wow! Congratulations from an old fan of Free Radio...Stefan Printz. What an achievement that you’re still around after all those years. I still remember the first time I heard your sound on shortwave in August 1984. I was just 15 years of age and I was impressed by your sound and many of the other stations that were around at that time. Especially I remember the music of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygen and the always exciting voice by Peter. My Free Radio magazine Pirate Connection was closed over 10 years ago but I still try to keep an eye open to what’s going on in the Free Radio world. Let me know if there’s a possible to listen to your show over the Internet (well I still have an Icom IC R71, but I guess I’m too lazy to set it up). Once again all the best and a prosperous future for FRS Holland!

Thomas Kircher/ Germany
Hi FRSH-Team, erstmal ein gaaaanz dickes Lob an Euer Team und den FRSH ! In den 80iger Jahren war ich faszinierter Kurzwellen-DXer. Speziell die FR Stationen hatten es mir angetan. Leider gibt es heutzutage kaum hörenswertes auf der Kurzwelle. Eine ganz grosse Ausnahme ist der FRSH. Doch leider versääume ich wahrscheinlich die meisten Eurer Sendungen. Über welche Quelle/Webseite erfährt man Eure Sendezeiten und Frequenzen ? Herzlichen Dank für Eure Mühen.

Neal West/ UK
I think the first time I heard FRSH was 31 August 1980 ... was this one of your very early broadcasts ??? (It was our very start-PV). These days I only have the QSL cards to go on ….when I moved home some years back I had to dispose of all my written logs due to lack of storage space. I always thought that FRSH was one of the best and most interesting SW broadcasters. Other good professional SW stations were ... European Music Radio, Radio Krypton, Britain Radio International, Radio Gemini, Atlanta Radio, WNKR and Radio East Coast Commercial. Since the death of *Norman Nelson who was my NUMBER ONE mate .. my interest in the free radio stations ceased. Around the same time there was a growing problem with QSO stations and I just could not relate to what they were trying to do or prove. So my interest in SW Free Radio dropped right off. In the 1980s. The real exponents of the free radio spirit undertook to do RADIO properly. Radio is what comes out of the speakers. At Radio East Coast Commercial we tried to promote the good stations: we made some enemies, mainly those stations who were just relays or QSO stations. At Radio East Coast Commercial we believed that by a process of information, news and education radio enthusiasts could learn that there was something else besides the bland UK ILR stations or BBC Radio 1 or Continental European equivalents. FRSH was always one of the stations right at the top of the Free Radio scene. I have no idea what goes on in the 48 or 41 metre free radio bands these days …maybe I should check it out. However, I feel I might be disappointed. I like to remember the good days when the best Free Radio stations tried to do their broadcats professionally and as best as they could in very difficult circumstances. Raids ... fines ... and even prison for some. Anyway ..... Congratulations on achieving more than 30 years in Free Radio and still airing quality material (*see also in FRS' 1995 History (bottom) a FRS goes DX sound clip about Norman Nelson's sudden death, dating back to December 24th 1995-PV).

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