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This article is put together in memory of the late Joop ter Zee, one of FRS-Holland’s founders.
FRS Newsletter volume 4 issue 27 from September 2000 started with the following words….

Dear FRS-Holland Friend!

Welcome in this autumn edition. Things are not as they used to be. When I put these words on paper, I have a totally different feeling compared with previous editions. No reason to be happy, even when we are about to celebrate our 20th birthday in October. The unexpected death of my all time radio pal and friend Joop ter Zee has left deep marks. And still I can't believe he's no more among us. Never again his freaky and entertaining shows on FRS-Holland. Never again an evening of talk sessions about radio, music but also serious subjects. Never again drinking a glass of beer with him in a local pub. Words fail's so unreal. FRS-Holland without Joop ter Zee, it's just unthinkable. But yet it is so true. FRS-Holland is amputated and will never be the same....

Peter Verbruggen, Thursday September 21st 2000 01:10 hours.

- In Memory of Joop ter Zee -

Tuesday June 27th at 05.08 CEST Joop ter Zee passed away in hospital at the age of 40 leaving behind his girlfriend Willy, his parents and his sister Marja. Joop died in hospital, he suffered from Hepatitis C and a number of serious complications. Joop was cremated on Saturday July 1st , it was a 20 minute service, not long, but so intense. Four of Joop's favourite records were played. Pearl Jam- Alive, The Who- Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony and ABC- All of My Heart . After the service a lot of Joop's (radio) friends got together, reminiscing. Joop ter Zee in his studio (1992)

I had the privilege working with Joop for more than 20 years. I met him in 1978 and eversince we became not only radio friends but also friends. We had mutual hobbies: music and radio. We started presenting a flashback show at the local hospital radio station. In 1979 we worked together with a few former FRS presenters for our very own local FM pirate, ABC Music Radio. And in 1980 we started FRS-Holland, together with Bobby Speed and others. A fantastic period. Joop produced our very first freaky jingle package with his Akai tape recorder, I remember sitting in his little studio situated in his sleeping room. Eversince Joop developed into a creative, skilful jingle producer. He had brilliant ideas and greatly contributed to the characteristic sound of FRS-Holland. He produced numerous jingles. I was the one writing the lyrics, Joop was the one doing the mixing job. He produced the jingles with the perfect choice of music beds and production elements.

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