Wanted...your input!

FRS would be grateful to receive digital copies of QSLs sent in the past to its listeners. We will add them to a new QSL gallery on the FRS site. So…in case you have one or a few FRS QSLs from the 80s, 90s etc.: we are eager to receive a digital copy, for instance a .jpg file. Of course you may also make a paper copy and send it to our Herten maildrop.

In addition we invite listeners to send in their personal FRS memories. Just to help you a little bit…--> when did you first hear FRS;--> do you have any special memories from years gone by; -->what was (is) your favourite show etc. Your ‘little story’ will be added to the Listener’s Memories article (surf  tot http://www.frsholland.nl/memories.html). It doesn’t have to be a large story. A few lines would be greatly appreciated.

You can use our contact form at the bottom of the site.