Site Updates

In recent weeks we have done a lot of editing on the website…. Take a look yourself!

  • Most texts (FRS Fact Files !) have been restructured;
  • Almost the the complete Gallery (Lightview overlay) was replaced for getting higher resolution pictures;
  • The Slideshow (pictures) is now only visible on the home page. The click function has been disabled but you can click on the thumbview pictures thus quickly change back the picture of your choice. Soon a new (second) Slideshow with fresh pictures will be added;
  • While re-structuring the texts, new pictures have been added.
  • From now on you can see when the last modification took place (on the right).

So all in all al lot has been done. More follows... we will keep you in the picture. The FRS site remains a dynamic site! Enough ideas for the future.

Website last modified

  • Last Modified: Sunday 30 August 2020, 17:42:12.

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