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Since our start in August 1980, countless QSL cards have been designed, printed and issued to thousands of listeners all over the world. This QSL Gallery is an overview of all those different QSL cards including the complete collection up till now. We do apologize for the quality of some of the QSL images. Just to make it a bit 'well-organized', there are different collections of QSLs: the so called 'regular' or 'single' QSLs issued over the period 1980- today, QSLs which have been issued for special occasions such as Christmas, Anniversaries etc. and the QSL series which relate to a main topic such as studios or transmitters.   A latest (2017) addition is Listeners'QSLs: this is a series of scanned QSLs which we received from listeners. In case you own one of our QSLs which is missing in the featured selections, please drop us a line! Have fun.

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FRS-Holland on Sunday June 19th 2011 (evening broadcast) on 7685 kHz {youtube}9n-UI8ERJZM{/youtube}.
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