The Beginning (part 2)

Sunday August 31st 1980 marked FRS‑Holland's debut on SW. At 09:45 CET the 10W rig was switched on and 4 hours and 15 minutes later FRSH closed down. The first official 48 mb frequency was 6250 kHz in the 48 mb. FRS provided an international flavour of music & information presented in English, German & Dutch. The first‑ever programme schedule was as follows:

FRSH continued with 4th Sunday of the month broadcasts but that changed in December 1980 as a result of the raid on sister station European Music Radio: FRSH moved to the 3rd Sunday.

December 1980 brought another very important improvement. Barry Stephens came to Holland and with him two 10W short wave transmitters. On Sunday December 14th 1980 FRS‑Holland tested on 7325, running in parallel with 6250. 41 metres did very well and one week later FRS made its first a 3rd Sunday transmission, it was also the first time that two frequencies were used for a scheduled transmission. Both transmitters were built‑in in a wooden suitcase. Already at 07:30 GMT that morning a special 60 minute test to North America was carried out but problems with the car battery meant the test had to be cancelled after only 15 minutes. At 08:30 GMT EMR was relayed for 60 minutes followed by a 4 hour FRS X‑Mas special, the birth of a long tradition.

Most X‑Mas transmissions were recorded with several FRS jocks together in the main studio adding something extra to the programmes.
For the technical minded among you: the first two transmitters had an output of 10W, consisting of a self oscillating 807, a 6L6 and an ECC86 valve for the modulation part. You could achieve a loud and crystal clear modulation with these tiny X‑tal controlled units.