Special Moments (4)

On Sunday January 17th 1982 FRS‑Holland was received in Union City, USA. Quite astonishing is the fact that the 7315 kHz/41 mb signal crossed the Atlantic after 09:00 GMT, a relatively late time for Transatlantic reception! A month later the surprise was even greater: during FRS‑Holland's 19th transmission on February 21st conditions were absolutely wonderful and this resulted in yet another 41mb report, this time from Mar del Plata in Argentina, that isn't exactly on the doorstep.... Remember FRS was using no more than 10,000 milliWatts in those days!

Although most of FRS‑Holland's trms have been broadcasted within the 48 & 41 mb, also some other frequencies have been given a try. For instance on Sunday morning September 9th 1990 when a 19 mb test was running on 15046 kHz/19 metres in parallel with 6240. Two months earlier‑ on July 15th 1990‑ saw FRS’ debut transmission on 31 metres on 9985 kHz. A report from Finland proved reception during this night time broadcast was fair. No doubt FRS‑Holland's most memorable broadcast took place on Sunday October 21st 1990 when the 10th Birthday celebrations were to be heard on no less than 5 different frequencies: 6275 & 6290 in the 48 mb, 7290 & 7490 on 41 metres and 9985 in the 31 mb. Especially on 7490 kHz, that day running at a power of 90W, reception was amazing from Italy to Scandinavia and from the UK to the Eastern part of Germany. No less than 140 letters were received making the people at the Herten Post Office rather curious. Somebody declared this enormous amount letters was because of Peter Verbruggen's birthday leaving the charming lady behind the counter in a rather confused state.  

A matter to be discussed separately were the relays via Johan Rood's Radio Delmare. Following the raid in January 1983, FRS‑Holland continued via a number of relay stations. The real thing started in July. On the 24th of that month a new episode in the life of FRSH began when regular 3rd Sunday relays commenced via the powerful Radio Delmare outlet on 6206.7 kHz. Six months after the start of Delmare relays, FRS‑Holland introduced a brand new 6 hour programme schedule running from 10.00‑16.00 CET. Consequently FRS was the station with the most comprehensive programme schedule during that period. 

Parts of Radio Delmare SW tx (1986)Parts of Radio Delmare SW tx (2;1986)

Delmare was raided on Monday March 26th 1984 because of its 227 metres medium wave broadcasts. That raid caused a 7 month period of non‑Delmare relays between March 1984 and October 1984. During the first 5 months of 1986 Radio Delmare's transmitter was silent for security reasons. All in all 40 transmissions were aired via the powerful Delmare outlet.The Delmare relays continued until May 1987 when Radio Delmare was again raided. This time during a FRS‑Holland relay on 6206. Strangely enough the FRS programme‑tapes were not confiscated by the Belgian authorities contrary to the March 1984 tapes: these were confiscated during the 227 m raid. They happened to be lying in the Delmare studio at the moment of the raid.

Another subject is the production side of the radio hobby. The best and most memorable FRS production is the 270 minute sound documentary "10 Years in the Life of the Free Radio Service Holland". Joop ter Zee & Peter Verbruggen cooperated closely and that resulted in a comprehensive story covering almost every aspect of the station as well as a close look on how a free radio station on short wave is being operated. Peter Verbruggen was responsible for the script and Joop ter Zee did the technical part including mixing & mastering. Considerable effort was put into it‑ the entire job took some 160 hours ‑ but the result was worth it. If you are interested: this production on three C‑90s, on MiniDisc, CD, DVD or MP3 still is available via FRS Sales Productions. For more info send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or P.O. Box 2702 in Herten. There's a special info‑sheet containing all details how to obtain this fantastic production!