Special moments (3)

It's always painful to see your beloved transmitters being confiscated. And it certainly gave a sad feeling knowing those two 10W built‑in transmitters in that wooden trunk changed hands in January 1983. But that's not the end of the story. Just for your understanding: the wooden trunk in which both 807 driven transmitters were housed, was owned by Frankie Fanatic's father. Frankie presented the Album Show during FRS‑Holland's first months. A couple of years after the raid, he & his father watched a news affair programme on Dutch television. The programme carried a report about illegal radio stations. Imagine their surprise when the FRS transmitters in the original wooden trunk appeared on television! And that's how the FRS people found out that the two confiscated 10W txs hadn't been destroyed, something which was quite common with illegal broadcasting equipment at the Dutch RCD. It appeared the transmitters were stored in a basement in the headquarters of the RCD in Nederhorst den Berg, together with a selected number of other transmitters. It appeared that the RCD saved some of the most unique equipment they had confiscated over the years. Not only the FRS ones in that wooden trunk but also FM txs hidden in a vacuum aWavelength_86 copy 1.jpgnd a coffee maker (just to name a few examples). In the late 1980s both FRS rigs were again shown on Dutch television, in a current affairs programme. And it was in the Summer of 1994 that the RCD‑ a division of the Dutch PTT‑ organised a very special exhibition called "On the air, off the air". This exhibition was held in The Hague and covered the history of the RCD. Exhibits were several unique samples of confiscated txs. And yes, the FRS-Holland txs were among the exhibits. Joop ter Zee, Gerd & Peter Verbruggen visited that exhibition, now more than 20 years ago and one of the photos was used for the special colourful 1994 14th Birthday QSL-card. Meanwhile the wooden trunk is back in Nederhorst den Berg....we think it is still there up till to date!

During the 1980s a number of free radio magazines regularly organized popularity polls. And FRS‑Holland scored a number of very good results. In the November 1982 poll organised by the Uk based FRS News magazine, FRS took a 5th position behind Caroline SW, Radio Nova Dublin, Sunshine Dublin & Britain Radio Int. A 3rd place behind BRI & Apollo was the result of a SW poll from Airspec News‑another UK magazine‑ in March 1983. The German KDKC magazine (Köln Dusseldorfer Kurzwelle Club) organised polls in 1982 & 1983. In 1982 FRS was chosen as the #1 station ahead of Radio Wunderland, Radio Krypton, Radio Quadro, Britain Radio Int. & Radio East Coast Commercial. A year later, in the June 1983 poll, the station was again chosen as the #1 SW station leaving behind Radio Gerona, BRI, Radio Apollo, Radio Nolan & Süd West Radio.
The 1986 & 1987 Pin‑Magazine polls were the most successful ones in FRS' history. In both polls there were # 1 positions in the categories "Best SW Station", "Best Listener's Service" and "Best DX‑Show". Finally we mention the Spring of 1995. The reborn German magazine Radio News organised a poll and in the short wave catagory FRS‑Holland was voted as the number 1 station.