Special moments (1)

When broadcasting for such a long period, there are always a number of remarkable things to remember. For instance that Sunday in February 1980 when an attempt was made for a first test on 6265 kHz. Everything which could go wrong went wrong. The tx couldn't be tuned up properly, the aerial did not hang any higher than a clothesline and to make matters even worse: we got an unwanted visit in the person of the mayor of the town we were transmitting from who apparently was walking with his beloved little doggie. The transmitting gear was lying all over the ground, he approached Peter V. & Bobby S. and mumbled: "mmm, radio electric equipment." Then he left. Seconds later Speed shouted: "pack up and go!" and we never left the location faster than on that particular Sunday.

Another date to remember is Sun December 20th 1981, the 17th regular FRS transmission in succession and the second annual X‑Mas broadcast. What was going on? Peter had already put all transmitting equipment in his car the day before on Saturday evening. It was a very cold night and when FRSH Christmas programmes started up just before 10 CET that Sunday, it appeared the cassette machine was completely frozen . As a result the programme cassette was playing at an irregular speed... indeed it was sounding 'just a bit different'. Some 30 minutes later a new machine was put into service.

Sunday September 20th 1981 Peter arrived at his house after putting FRS on the air. He never stayed on the actual transmitting location but only returned to change programme cassettes. The 41 mb signal was so weak at his home receiver that he decided to go back to the location to retune the tx. But the signal remained weak. At 11.00 CET hours Peter had enough of it and switched off 7315. Two weeks later it appeared 41 metres had been doing very well. Only: what Peter didn't know was that conditions were a bit weird. Up till that moment he always had received good signals at his home, so that situation was very uncommon to him...