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Tom's wife Jan asked to pass on details for Tom's funeral. It's at 12.15 UK time on Monday 12th February at the West Wiltshire Crematorium, Devizes Road, Semington, Trowbridge. BA14 6HL.
The funeral cortege is actually leaving the family home at 11.45, but Jan says everyone should meet at the Crematorium. After the funeral everyone is going to The Somerset Arms, High St, Semington, Trowbridge. BA14 6JR.
We received several reactions on our previous news about Tom's death. Thanks to all writing in! Both memories and more general reactions. Due to time pressure, we are currently unable to publish these straightaway. At a later stage this informatiomn will be added and published. Together with the 'In Memory of Tom Taylor/ E.M.R.' (published on Friday February 2nd) they will be permanently to be read on the FRS site.

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