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In 1982 the FRS Listeners Club was founded. Main purpose was to strengthen the bond between station & listener. In those days FRS-Holland was active with monthly 3rd Sunday broadcasts, the station had been building up a considerable listening audience justifying the idea of setting up a listeners club. And so the FRS Listeners Club was founded publishing a monthly club newsletter. Peter Verbruggen discussed the idea with Gerd who gave some good advice. The club magazine FRS Goes DX, named after the on air FRS Goes DX programme, was the perfect communication tool between station and the listener. It became the "mouthpiece" of the Free Radio Service Holland. A six month membership costed 7.50 in Dutch guilders or German marks- later 12.50 - and the club had members from various European countries. FRS Goes DX started as a simple collection of 8 to 10 A4 pages. More an info-sheet rather than a magazine. Offshore news and FRS news were featured and after some time a SW news section was added.

After nearly three years it was the April 1985 FRSgoesDX 34_April1985_50edition being the first one in the new A5 format. FRS Goes DX had now become a true magazine. Printing quality still was not brilliant using an ordinary copy-machine. The Summer of 1988 brought another face-lift. As from edition 73/74 the print quality saw a significant improvement and more important: the content of the magazine too. Columns such as FRS Newscorner, Sounds from Offshore, SW Survey, Alternative Thoughts and Mailbox 41 along with a number of articles made the magazine attractive to the Free Radio enthusiasts. Each monthly edition contained some 20 pages.

In the course of 1990 time pressure made it more and more difficult to produce a monthly magazine. A series of bi-monthly double editions came out between July 1990 and April 1992. As from May 1992 onwards FRS Goes DX became a bi-monthly magazine and that would remain until the final edition in the second half of the 90s. Edition 121 volume 11 January 1993FRSgoesDX SWsurvey_121_Jan1993FRSgoesDX cover_121_Jan1993 saw a completely restyled FRS Goes DX in a three column A4 format and improved print quality. From now on some 32 to 36 pages were produced comparable with 64 to 72 pages in the old 1992 format! And: more photos in the magazine and a much improved lay-out! Finally FRS Goes DX had developed into a good-looking, serious and moreover informative and versatile magazine read by many European radio enthusiasts. Annual subscription fee was DM 35.00 or 35 Dutch guilders. New columns were News from around the World, FRS Satellite Telex and Made in Holland. Also Russian and US Free Radio News were included! But it was unique for covering the European Free Radio SW scene. Just over 4 years later - March 1997- it was over. During the final 12 months the magazine had been published quarterly. After nearly 15 years FRS Goes DX came to an end. It had been very hard work to turn the magazine into what it was in 1997. For almost 15 years FRS Goes DX was published on a regular basis without a major interruption. Remarkable: some of the first FRS Listeners Club members were still FRS Goes DX subscribers in 1997. Main reason for quitting the magazine was that Peter Verbruggen wanted to spend more time on other aspects of radio. Producing the magazine simply became too demanding.

Already 4 years before FRS Goes DX disappeared, the first edition of a new publication under the name FRS Newsletter was produced. That was in January 1993 at the same moment the restyled FRS Goes DX was out. The FRS Newsletter focussed on informing the audience about typical FRS-Holland news. The publication was sent free of charge to those responding to an FRS broadcast. After 14 editions it was June 1997 when the FRS Newsletter turned into FRS News. From now on the FRS Newsletter was for subscribers only and its content changed from covering FRS-Holland only to emphasizing on Free Radio News. Indeed it was a kind of compact follow-up of FRS Goes DX with SW News and News from Around the World, each edition contained 6 to 10 A4 size pages. Where the FRS Newsletter ended as a free publication, FRS News continued informing the listening audience with news from the Free Radio Service Holland. After 7 years, the final FRS Newsletter edition # 39/40 was published in December 2003.

FRS News continued as a free publication aiming to optimize the flow of information from the station to the listeners. The actual format contained information about past and future broadcast(s). Columns were Mailbox 2702, FRS-Holland News, Uplink and Fact File. FRS News was being irregularly published and some of the later editions were in colour.

So far edition 36 from August 2011 (vol. 15-issue 36) is the last published edition. It's a special FRS-Holland 30th Anniversary edition  all about FRS-Holland 30 years on short wave: a potted history, the FRS 30th Anniversary broadcasts (and how it came about...), FRS presenters 1980- 2010, the 1983 raid, the beginning, listener's letters and much, much more. This 24 page edition contains colour phtos as well. Many copies have been sold over the past years and a copy is still available for only 5 euro (incl. P&P). FRSNews 36_August2011
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