January 1983 raid

During the 15 years of SW broadcasts FRS‑Holland was involved in a number of raids, either directly or indirectly. Papercuttings Jan17th83-3_bew
January 16th 1983 is certainly the most memorable date because is was on that day that the Dutch RCD in co‑operation with the German Bundespost raided FRS-Holland just after the close down of the regular 3rd Sunday broadcast at 14.05 CET. At the moment that station OP Peter Verbruggen switched off the 10W tx which had been operating that morning on 7320 and later on 7315, an RCD officer who had been hiding some 10 metres next to the transmitting equipment, came out of the bushes and called in for assistance. A few moments later he was joined by a colleague and a police officer. Two 10W transmitters, two aerials, a new auto‑reverse cassette machine, one rather expensive & heavy 350 amps car battery and two invertors were confiscated. But that was not all: they drove to Peter's house where another two brand new 40W rigs were taken plus 4 inverters. Peter's studio equipment was left untouched because of his kind cooperation. There are a few remarkable details surrounding this black day in FRS' history: