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Christmas 1991 
On December 22nd the 12th annual X-Mas broadcast came from the same location as used in October. After drawing lots (!) JB was the one who had to climb into the tall and wet antenna tower to erect the inverted V. Certainly a risky job! But JB did an excellent job. FRS was heard on 6225 with its very own 150W transmitter and 150W modulator. Dutch Radio Reflex on 6220 caused heavy interference and following switches to 6280 and back on 6225, FRS finally ended on 6299. Salient detail: just after switching to 6299, Reflex left the airwaves. It was Mark Stafford who rang up from the UK advising us to stay on 6299. And so we did… Because of the frequency changes, the DX Show was partly repeated after 14:00 hours. That same evening at 20:00 CET almost the complete broadcast was repeated on 3883 from a different site. For the record: Joop ter Zee was absent in the FRS’ programming, instead there was a double German Service. Rather unique! Still 1991 had not ended and an extra 5th Sunday broadcast took place on Sunday December 29th.A two hour broadcast was conducted on 6290 and later on 6240 because of Radio Orion interference. This broadcast was carried out by a well-known Scottish weekend station…. Power was 100W. Reports from as far as Lithuania and Spain proved that reception was pretty good that day. Remarkable: November 2008, almost 17 years later, Peter Verbruggen met the Scottish OP at the Amsterdam Radio Day and believe it or not: during that occasion the original programme cassettes were returned to him. A memorable moment!

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