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Summer break and 11th anniversary
The poor propagation prevented the FRS team from recording fresh shows and as a result a Summer break was made. Highlight (but not on the broadcasting side of things) was FRS engineer Bobby Speed's marriage on Friday August 23rd. September 15th propagation had much improved and FRS returned via a new relay. Between 12:00-14:00 CEST FRSwas on 6200, power was no less than 200W. This broadcast was ideal to promote both the upcoming 76 mb broadcast and the 11th anniversary. Saturday Sept. 21st  FRS tested on 3910 between 23:00- 02:00 CET. It was on the same day that Peter Verbruggen visited the famous annual  Bürscheid SW Free Radio get together. Not much later, British Radio Fax would start to be using 3910 as a fixed frequency. Sun October 20th, a year after the most successful broadcast in FRS’ history so far, the 11th anniversary was celebrated. The location was rather unique… With the help of JB, FRS used a location which belonged to a Belgian FM station within a stone’s throw from the Belgian-German border! FRS people could easily wave to the customs officers. Already 15 days earlier, Saturday October 6th, the Inverted V aerial was erected and at 16:15 CET that day a short 20 minute test was conducted with 150W of power. Part of the celebrations was a show recorded in Peter Verbruggen's studio together with both German presenters Stefan Kramer & JB on Friday October 5th. It was the first time the German FRS crew were recording a show in the main FRS studio. Lots of 80s tracks & freaky old jingles were played in all shows and of course remeniscing. A strong signal was heard that day on 6225 kHz, programmes lasted from 09.56- 13.00 UTC. That was one hour less than planned: Mark Stafford was sadly missed because of an illness. Response was quite good: some 40 letters. In FRS goes DX_110-111 from October 1991 well known US DXer Andrew Yoder debuted with his first column--> FRSgoesDX_110-111_AugSeptOct1991_AndrewYoder.pdf 

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As already mentioned: in the late 1980s/early 1990s Bürscheid was the centre of a Free Radio 'get together' in which shortwave free radio played a vital role. Many (mainly) German station OPs ánd listeners met each other in Bürscheid,Burscheid a small village in the German federal state Nordrhein-Westfalen, close to the city of Leverkusen. In particular the fact station OPs on one hand and listeners on the other hand could meet each other in person made the annual Bürscheid meeting very popular. FRS goes DX 108/109 contains a advertorial for the September 21st 1991 meeting.

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