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Mark Stafford
What was Mark Stafford’s opinion about FRS-Holland, not speaking as a FRS deejay but as an insider in the world of SW Free Radio?

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At the end of 1990 a kind of mid term review could be made…. Get ready for the following FACTS all relating to FRS' broadcasting life ......

  • 10 years of FRS-Holland meant…
  • more than 3500 letters from a total of 23 countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium Denmark England, Eire, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Northern-Ireland, Russia,   Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Czechoslovakia, the USA, Wales, and West Germany;
  • 300 programme cassettes;
  • almost 100 regular 3rd Sunday transmissions on more than than 20 different frequencies via at least 15 relay stations, 12 presenters and only one engineer...;
  • Between a 100 and 150 jingles ...;
  • 8 different qsl's in 10 colours ....;
  • Only 2 stickers and countless info-sheets;
  • More than 2000 IRC's making us not rich.

This documentary came about with the help of several FRS deejays, from past and present. Programme-extracts were selected from the FRS archives containing 300 programme cassettes comparable with more than 50 kilometres of tape. Info-sources were Peter Verbruggen's personal logbook, formerly produced FRS histories and the 'FRS Goes DX' magazines.
It took an estimated 175 hours to produce the story so far. The text for this documentary was compiled & produced by Peter Verbruggen, mix, technical realisation and finishing touch by Joop ter Zee. COPYRIGHT 1990 FRS-HOLLAND. 
Note: this article is incomplete as we still have to add a few 1990 sound clips!!





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