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On Sunday July 22nd a morning test was carried out on 9985 between 10.00-11.30 CET. The 40W signal could be easily picked up in Spain, Scandinavia and Switzerland indicating that 31 metres was an excellent choice to realize a solid long distance reception. A further experimental test was radiated Saturday September 8th when FRS was on 6240 with 120W in parallel with 15046 kHz/ 19mb using 50W. Among the more than 40 reports, there were a number of taped ones and that brings us to a topic which hasn't been talked about so far. Sinpo's on a written report are a very personal matter for each listener. He puts his own interpretation on a received signal. A taped report is, from the station's point of view, more objective because it isn't open to misinterpretations. The recording is a very good means to hear how the signal was. Anyway, before any misunderstandings will arise: the overall quality of the SINPO reports for FRS transmissions has always been satisfactory. FRS has a large collection of off air recordings tape and on hard disk.

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Just for the record, this 4 minute compilation contains off air recordings from May 23rd 1982 on 7315 (ILLS-Chris & Peter; QTH unknown), February 19th 1984 on 7315 (FRS goes DX; made in Duisburg,Germany), January 30th 1983 on 41 metres (Peter Verbruggen abour raid 2 weeks earlier;QTH unknown) and October 12th 1986 on 6830 kHz via UK based IRRS (FRS goes DX Peter V.; QTH unknown).

Activities between two broadcasts
So far no complete answer has been given as to the question what has to be done between two broadcasts to run the station properly ? Peter V. is the ideal person to answer this question…

 “From time to time new ideas have to be worked out, new jingles must be recorded not to forget taking care of a representative info package, qsl's and stickers. Most important however remain the programme-recordings and the close contacts with the listening audience. In my humble opinion every serious letter from the listener deserves a personal answer from us. Of course there also are people only interested in a qsl. But frankly speaking: the majority of our mail consists of sincerely interested listeners writing interesting letters containing criticism, opinions and personal info. That’s great!”

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FRS-Holland on Sunday June 19th 2011 (evening broadcast) on 7685 kHz {youtube}9n-UI8ERJZM{/youtube}.
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