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June 1990; new jingles
Was the April transmission quite successful, no doubt the June one was disappointing. The 120W transmitter, which was going to be used, was not operational and power had to be reduced to some 30W which is in most cases more than enough to put out a good signal. However, the very bad conditions ruined most of the broadcast. Besides: it was intended to use 7307 but due to utility a move to 7310 had to be made, causing interference problems with Radio Tirana in the early afternoon. The June 17th broadcast lasted for almost 5 hours and for instance in the UK the signal was very weak.

programme schedule Sunday June 17th 1990
09:54 Opening: station IDs & Theme tune
10:02 FRS Magazine- Peter Verbruggen
10:45 FRS Golden Show- Joop ter Zee
11:15 FRS goes DX- Peter Verbruggen
12:00 German Show- Johnny Best
12:45 Mailbox 2727- Gerd & Peter
13:15 The Short SW Parade- Joop ter Zee
14:00 Mark Stafford Show
14:45 Close Down

In the mean time a complete new set of voice overs were introduced in the usual setting with Peter Verbruggen being the responsible person for the texts and Joop ter Zee doing the mixing part of the job with the help of FRS's CD production library. The voice overs were recorded in the USA by Nolan, his voice would become the familiar FRS voice as far as jingles & promos is concerned.

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Evening & nighttime on 31 metres
In July there was quite some activity starting on July 1st with tests on 7310 & 7440 kHz. A week later saw brief tests on 9985 and 7480 KHz. Power was 40W and in particular the 7480 signal did well. At the end of the 1980's a new phenomenon surfaced in SW free radio land: evening and nighttime transmissions, mainly from Saturday into Sunday. As these transmissions became more and more popular among the listening audience, FRS-Holland decided to give it try. Running the risk of being caught during a nighttime transmission is relatively small and that's the reason the Saturday July 14th transmission was carried out with own equipment. In the early evening an 31 mb aerial was constructed and at 21.54 UTC the first FRS nighttime and at the same time 31mb transmission took to the air. Power on 9985 was 40W and on 6240 150W. On the latter frequency an extremely strong signal was radiated. Skip on 9985 was more than 500 km's . Reports from as far as Finland and Moscow/ Russia were received for the 6240 and 9985 outlets.

[Extracts Nighttime broadcast Saturday July 14th 1990--> will follow]

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