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 So far there hasn't been any attention paid to the work at the location, perhaps the most specific and important part of a trm as Peter V. will affirm ........

“Preparations for a trm on the location always gave a special kind of feeling. Not only it was thrilling to do something illegal. I also believe that there is a great involvement with the station when standing there between transmitters, arials and car-batteries.”

Preparations in the field
Any FRS-Holland broadcast started on Saturdays when two or three of the crew went to the location to hang up the aerials which could take up a lot of time because all sorts of things could go wrong. You had those two pieces of rope, connected with a heavy piece of iron. Ideal person for helping out was Frankie Fanatic who was tall, strong and had arms like trunks.

“I was really closely involved with the work at the location, especially the technical part of the job. Together with P.V. I tried to put the aerials into the trees on a hight of some 12 metres. If it wasn't illegal, it was easy to put just one time the aerials in the right position but as you know it was. So every broadcast we threw the rope into the air to get it on the right position. Mostly we didn't succeed during our first attempts, so we pulled the rope down the ground and this could be a very dangerous thing to do. One time P.V. had the luck of his life that the heavy piece of iron at the end of the rope struck into the ground, just on a distance of one foot from him. It also happened that the heavy end of the rope, thrown by me, never returned. Perhaps it is still in orbit around planet earth...!!”

After completing the work on the aerials, the FRS people went home. Saturday evenings the alarm clock was set for 8 o'clock the following morning and at approx. 08.45 Peter drove his car loaded with equipment to Bobby Speed who so now and then had quite some difficulties getting out of his bed. Then they drove to the location and everything had to be prepared in readiness for the upcoming transmission. Most of the work was properly erecting both 48 & 41 mb hanging in some kind of a V. Around 09.45 the transmitters were tested for a few minutes. A solid organisation was very important and nothing could be forgotten: a SW transistor radio for monitoring the signal, particularly the modulation level, spare parts including x-tals, aerials and valves, the SWR metre and of course the programme tapes. Because the programmes were recorded on C-120's, every hour someone went to the location to change the programme cassette. To reduce the risk of being caught, most of the time nobody was on the location during the broadcast apart from the just mentioned cassette changes.
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Sunday May 17th the FRS people arrived on the location to discover only the left-overs from what once were aerials. That Sunday of all Sundays no spare aerials were available and so the people had to return home empty-handed. Because of the stolen aerials, it was the first time a broadcast had to be cancelled on the regular 3rd Sunday. A week later FRS made it to the airwaves with one self constructed and one spare aerial. On 48 metres there was only a carrier during the first hour: PeterV. simply forgot to plug in the modulation lead .... As a result of the first 9 months of broadcasting and the response from the listeners, a new programme schedule was introduced in May. The English Service, which was temporarily cancelled, returned and the German Service was extended to 45 minutes due to the overwhelming support from listeners in both Germany's. The DX-Show was also extended with an extra 15 minutes. New was the Free Radio Spot in which a land based free radio station featured itself to the SW audience; the Album Show disappeared although Frankie Fanatic was still involved with the station. May also saw the introduction of a brand new address which was already known in the free radio world: P.O.Box 41 in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands should become FRS-Holland's new mailing address and would remain so until the summer of 1989.

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