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USA test, XMas
Barry Stephens informed the FRS people how to achieve the best possible modulation quality. A louder modulation was possible by using the loudspeaker output of the cassette recorder instead of using the normal DIN output. A simple adjustment which indeed was very effective. Sunday December 21st saw the last 1980 transmission being the first one on a 3rd Sunday. The original transmitter was used on 6250 while one of the new rigs was putting out the 41 mb signal. Both transmitters were built-in in a wooden trunk which was supplied by Frankie Fanatic. More about this legendary trunk later on in this story. Programmes that morning commenced at 07.30 GMT when an one hour test to the U.S.A. was carried out. Problems with one of the car-batteries meant that the test sadly had to be cancelled within 15 minutes. Hurriedly a new car-battery had to be fetched. At 08.30 GMT E.M.R. was relayed for 60 minutes followed by a 4 hour special FRS X-Mas broadcast, the start of a long time annual tradition.

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1980 had almost passed and already more than 220 letters were received from as many as 13 countries, an overwhelming response and a good basis for a fresh start in 1981. Chris' German Service was very popular due to his inimitable way of presentation. Just before the end of the year a letter from Michael Burden was received in which he announced the closure of the Kent Place address. A set-back because it was a well-known address among DXers & moreover a very reliable one. Luckily Michael was so kind to give a helping hand and FRS-Holland was allowed to use the address until a new one was found. That would be some 5 months later. All in all 1980 meant a very promising start for FRS-Holland.



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