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Successful test, preparations
Main problem was that the home built transmitter didn't work at all. There was a close contact with Barry Stephens and this resulted in the problem being solved: it appeared there was a wrong wire-connection to the PA 807 valve thus making it impossible to put out any reasonable signal. It was quite logical Bobby Speed didn't discover what the problem was because that wrong connection was also part of the circuit diagram of the transmitter! On Sunday June 22nd 1980 a second attempt was made between 11.00- 13.30 CET on 6265 kHz. Two letters were received, not to wonder when
knowing the actual SWR was 1:5 meaning only very little power was radiated by the aerial. Wrongdoer was the coax feeder. A new aerial was constructed and on Sunday July 27th the first successful FRS-Holland test was carried out between 11.00- 12.30 CET on 6250 although 6265 was announced in the show. No less than 23 letters were received from 5 European countries.

The success of this test was a kind of stimulant for the people behind FRS-H. and immediately preparations started to commence regular monthly transmissions. It was indespensable to use a reliable Post Office Box. Through Barry S. PV got in touch with Michael Burden who run the in those days famous Kent Place address. To this day former FRS deejays still know that address like the back of their hand: Kent Place/ Norwell/ Newark/ Notts in England. Another important   task was to find broadcasting staff . PV was already involved in a local radio station called ABC Music Radio and that made things rather easy. Fred van Es and Frankie Fanatic were asked. In a local pub PV met Joop ter Zee and within a few days Joop joined the FRS-H. team. Bobby Speed wasalready involved because of his technical skills and via the local hospital radio Chris was approached. The same applies to Barry S. of E.M.R. and he completed the deejay line-up. Things were treated very seriously : Joop & Peter recorded the very first FRS jingle-package, qsl cards and stickers were printed and most important: a broadcasting-schedule was put together. There were a number of reasons for QSL NickSharpe 27JUL80starting up FRS-Holland: offering people in countries like East and West-Germany, where the radio-situation wasn't particularly satisfactory, a real alternative was one reason. FRS felt it was the right moment for a Dutch station on SW among all the British ones and wanted to maintain the people's interest in free radio. The main idea however was to bring entertainment to the audience based on a wide variety of musical and informative programmes. Only music was in the opinion of the FRS people not enough to satisfy the SW audience because most of the listeners are real radio-enthusiasts interested in more than only playing top 40 records. For that reason a DX and Mailbag Show were QSL ThomasDrescher 22June1980included in the programming.
Official start
Sunday August 31st 1980 will always be remembered as the first official FRS-Holland broadcasting day. Already two weeks earlier- on Sunday August 17th- Barry Stephens announced it in his popular DX-Spot on E.M.R

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