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Sunday June 25th would be the last FRS transmission for the the time being. A tremendous signal was ruling the 7310 frequency and to mark the new Summer, only flashbacks were being played: Motown, California Sounds, Mersey Beat, Bubble Gum & Glitterrock. Holidays forced to cancel the July transmission. And so the 9th Birthday would be a good opportunity to introduce a number of new programme ideas and jingles. But that was still a long way off and there was another important forthcoming change. After thorough consideration it was decided to use a new mailing address. The well-known P.O.Box 41 in Dedemsvaart had been used for just over 8 years. Main reason was that it took too long before letters were forwarded from Dedemsvaart to the FRS headquarters. People had to wait too long before getting their reply or order. Most of these 8 years Dedemsvaart had been providing a very reliable and good service. In 1989 things deteriorated resulting in a new address: P.O.Box 2727, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands. During the period August- October no programmes were recorded and preparations with regard to new jingles and programme ideas progressed very slowly, mainly due to a lack of time. One of the reasons for not being on air so long was finances. Lots and lots of money had been spent for leasing airtime, it was just getting enough. And so the idea came up to once again be in charge of our own broadcasts. In other words: buying new transmitting equipment. In the course of 1989 FRS-Holland indeed purchased some new equipment for carrying out occasional transmissions. The first serious broadcast with an own transmitter was carried out on Sunday November 12th and was at the same moment FRS' return after almost 5 months of silence. The transmission was carried out with a x-tal controlled 150W transmitter having four of those lovely 807's in the PA stage. The transmitter was connected to a 150W modulator using 807s as well. Very good results were achieved with an aerial only hanging some 3 metres (!) above the ground. The results of the June transmission had removed the last doubts regarding the 7310 frequency. Even in the North West of England a strong signal was picked up with no splatter at all from the BBC on the adjacent 7325 channel. Already two weeks after the test a scheduled November broadcast went out, once again on 7310. In fact this one would go out on the 19th but the cassettes did not arrive in time… And so it was Sunday November 26th when FRS sounds ruled the airwaves...a special on air message informed the listeners about the 7 day delay.

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Sunday December 24th a 5½ hour special X-Mas broadcast was planned. It was the 10th FRS X-Mas Party, recurring yearly and being very popular among the FRS audience. To celebrate the magic '10’, a special QSL was available. The broadcast also included a listeners competition (looking back at the previous 9 years of Seasonal broadcasts) and FRS jocks played their favourite 1980s tracks. The response for this transmission was much better than for the previous ones,thanks also to the solid rQSL series6-Dec1989_10thXMas_fronteception. Until 13:00 CET FRS was on 7310, the remaining part was continued on 7315 because of Radio Tirana signing on on....7310 as from 13 CET onwards.

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After presenting the German Service six long years, Danny Kay did his final stint in December 1989. What are his special memories after such a long period???

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Apart from the regular transmission, there was a special test broadcast to North America in the very early morning of Sunday December 24th. At 04.30 CET two transmitters were switched on: a 150W transmitter on 6240 while the second 80W tx was operating on 7467 and later that morning on 7440 kHz. The test lasted till 07.45 CET but despite the good conditions the FRS signals didn't cross the Atlantic. The idea was to start the new decade with a loud bang: new jingles, new ideas, a new FRSH sound. And so FRS-Holland survived the 1980's slipping into the 1990's.




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