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Till 10.40 CET things went smoothly. At the beginning of the Mark Stafford Show a terrible utility sound popped up on 6199.5 kHz making listening very uncomfortable. At 10.57 CET, following a tape change, a live announcement informed the listeners to look for 6258 on their dial as FRS would be leaving 6201. Although near this new frequency there was also utility, a much better overall signal was heard. In the mean time Peter V. kept an eye on 6199 and at 12.00 FRS-Holland returned to 6201. Till 13.00 hours CET FRS stayed on the air that Sunday. Also in June strange things were 'happening affecting the broadcast. On the 19th programmes started on 6205 but only for a short period because of an awful and loud hum on 6201 kHz - badly affecting the frequency range between 6193 and 6209 kHz including FRSH. The scenario was almost similar to that of May: at 10.15 a move was made to 6258 moving back to 6205 at 11.00 CET when the hum had disappeared. In the pdfSummer edition of the DX-Antwerp Club's magazine, FRS-Holland was featured.
FRSgoesDX 73-74_JulyAug1988_SWsurvey_500NFRSgoesDX 73-74_JulyAug1988_Offshore_500ew lay out for 'FRS goes DX'thumb FRSgoesDX 73-74 JulyAug1988 cover 500
Not only the work on the station continued. 'FRS Goes DX' magazine was some kind of continuation of FRS-Holland and in the month of July the magazine got a fresh and new lay-out, new columns were introduced and the number of pages was increased from 16 to 20. Better print facilities enabled the makers to put photos in the magazine as well. In July FRS was off air. One of the highlights of 1988 was August 28th when the 8th birthday was celebrated. At the same moment it was the 80th regular FRS 3rd Sun broadcast. One must get confused of all those 'eights' ... Once in a few years FRS Birthday parties had been celebrated on air and 1988 was one of those occasions a great deal of time was spent to do something 'extra'. The FRS celebrations- including a 55 minute documentary- could be heard on no less than 3 frequencies - 7290 (18W), 6225 (200W) & 6286 (15W)- from three different broadcasting sites. The broadcast was a huge success with a good signal on 7290 and even better signals on the two 48 mb frequencies. Just over 65 letters was the finest birthday present the FRS team could think of.... (hear two audio files;click on the icon-arrow-down to make a choice) 

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September 18th a 4 hour schedule went out. It was a one off  'Dutch Ter Zee & Verbruggen Short Wave Combination' instead of FRS-Holland. It was a logical consequence of the absence of both Danny Kay and Mark Stafford in the programming that month. Something which by the way which only happened very exceptionally! To avoid problems with the choice of frequency (Radiofax was on 6205 since the end of July!), a number of new x-tals were ordered. These badly needed x-tals- including 6207, 6225 & 6240- arrived by the end of September implying 6205 had to be used in September. For FRS listeners a new QSL was on offer in eight different colours.
Raided again
From this month onwards FRS goes DX magazine was sent from Belgium, a dramatic cut in the P&P costs.  For October it was decided to move to 6225 in order to avoid interference with Radio Fax. The latter's signal came from the Radio Rainbow transmitting location on the east coast of the Irish Republic. October 16th a superb signal was radiated during the first part of the broadcast, till 11.10 CET (once again during the Danny Kay Show...). Then suddenly the modulation disappeared and less than a minute later also the carrier. What were Peter V.'s thoughts at that moment?

“In one or another way I had an anxious foreboding. But of course I was hoping it would be a minor technical problem with the modulation or so. When the carrier disappeared I broke into a cold sweat. I called somebody who on his turn had already called our relay-station. So he was aware of the situation and reassured me that it was only a technical problem. A relief .... When I was walking back to my receiver, the phone rang again. It was the person himself relaying us and when asking him what went on his answer was quite explicit: he had been raided.”

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