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In great haste the June programmes were recorded because the 3rd Sun was already on the 15th. That same Sunday an extra 60 minute programme was heard on 6240 via Radio Rainbow Ireland. For the FRS people time to take a breath, not for Peter Verbruggen because he will explain something about the agreement which was reached with the IRRS.

“We wanted to secure regular FRS transmissions. Depending on one relay station didn't work. So the IRRS was contacted and we asked them to relay us each 4th Sunday for a total of 3 hours. These 3 hours were selected from the 6 hour 3rd Sunday transmission via Delmare. In case the Delmare relay had to be cancelled for some reason, the IRRS would relay our full schedule, 3 hours on a 3rd and the remaining hours on a 4th Sunday. It was an ideal solution to secure monthly FRS activity on the SW bands. Continuity would be guaranteed which was the most important thing.”


6th Anniversary
In July everything went as planned: on the 13th via Rainbow on 6240, the 20th via Delmare and on the 27th a transmission via the IRRS on a new frequency being 6275 kHz. Also in the Summer of 1986 long skip conditions were killjoy although things were not as poor as it was in 1985. On August 17th the 6th Birthday celebrations took place and (because of long skip conditions) this would be repeated  in the afternoon of Sunday September 28th, a week too late because of postal delays. The 4th Sunday transmission via Ireland was moved to the 5th on August 31st because it was to the day 6 years ago that FRS-Holland began broadcasting on short wave. For the very first time FRS programmes went out on a so called 'out of band’ frequency, namely 6830 kHz within the 44 metre band. Reception wasn't satisfactory and the shows were repeated September 14th with a much better signal quality.

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October, XMas & listener's poll
Due to the circumstance that the September Delmare relay took place on the 4th Sunday, it once again happened that FRS was to be heard via two different relays on the very same Sunday, namely on 6205 & 6830. For the record: October 12th the IRRS repeated the September transmission. To show how good reception was on October 19th, a quote from 'FRS Goes DX' issue #52 published late October 1986: "Reception of FRS-Holland's October 19th transmission can only be described as outstanding. No dead zone, a very strong signal and a much improved modulation quality." Close quotes. October 26th saw FRS for three hours between 10.00- 13.00 UTC via the IRRS. Five more transmissions would follow in the last two months of 1986. Sunday November 16th broadcast #64 via Delmare on 6205 & two weeks later on the 30th via the IRRS; Sun December 21st 1986 saw the broadcast of the traditional X-Mas get together in Peter Verbruggen's studio followed by a repeat 3 days later on Boxing Day. During these recordings video footage was shot for a future second FRS video. That material has never been released. The X-Mas broadcast produced excellent coverage and more than 70 letters were received from 10 different countries including the USA. We may not forget to mention December 28th when a 4 hour broadcast was aired on 6850 via the IRRS. Because of military services operating nearby 6830, a new frequency was introduced: 6850. One event which added lustre to 1986 was the pop poll 1986 of the German Pirate Info News Magazine. Its readers choose FRS-Holland, with an absolutely majority, as the number 1 SW free radio station. Also in the catagories 'Best Listener's Service' and 'Best DX-Show' FRS took the first positions. In the English magazine 'Wavelenght' FRSH. was also the number 1 short wave station followed by Atlanta Radio, Radio Rainbow, Britain Radio & Radio Apollo.  

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