FRS History 1980-1989

This category features the story of FRS-Holland's first 10 years.




The story of the Free Radio Service Holland begins in the second half of the 1970s. Peter Verbruggen takes up the story:

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1981 began with the same programme line up and presenters as in previous months.

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January 1983 would become the most memorable month in the FRS-Holland history.

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On Sunday January 15th 1984 opened with fresh courage: the new programme schedule was officially introduced.

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The first 6 months of 1985 was a period dominated by appalling propagation conditions.

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On Sunday January 5th & 12th 1986 no Delmare signal was observed on 6205 making the FRS people rather suspicious.

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On January 17th 1988 FRSH started a fresh, new year with a 4 hour transmission on 6324 kHz .

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January 15th marked the start of 1989, the 10th year in FRS' broadcasting life, with a 3 hour broadcast taking place on 6240 kHz.

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